Day Visits

Visits include:

• Walks when applicable
• Feeding and fresh water
• Waste removal
• Play time with hugs, pets & kisses
• Mail & newspaper pick-up
• Plant watering
• Home security checks
• Alternating of lights & blinds

No animal number limit!

Cost per visit:

25-30 min - $19
45 min - $28
60 min - $37
Litter Scoop ONLY - $14

Emergency Visit
(less than 2
hours notice)
- $37

Same Day Visit
(more than 2
hours notice)
- $27

Rates & Services


Arrival is between 8-9pm and includes a evening walk and feeding. Overnights end between 6-7am with a morning walk and feeding. An afternoon visit is scheduled for all dogs participating in our overnight service

No animal number limit!

Cost per overnight (includes 1 midday visit with each overnight):

Standard overnight - $68
Major holidays - $72

Bath & Brush

We come with our own supplies!

Dog, Small - $17
Dog, Large - $23
Dog, Long Hair - $34

Wash & Go Wet (no brushing) - $15

Other Services Offered

Vacation Home Care

Just house visits with no pet duty. Visits include mail & newspaper pick-up, alternate lights & blinds, watering plants, and starting cars up on the coldest winter days.

Cost per visit - $19

Taxi Services / Pick-Ups
& Drop-Offs

Veterinary and groomer runs are available, as well as food pick-up. Payment for food, groomer or vet visit costs is the pet owners responsibility.

Vet or Groomer
drop-off/pick-up -
$23 + visit charge

Vet Exam Visits -
$38 per hr. + visit charge

Food or Medication Pick Up -
$15 + cost

* All services are subject to a $13 service charge *

* Rates Do Not Include Tax *

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Gift Certificates now available for dollar amount or visit type!


We can help you with many other needs as well. All services available at $23 per hr. (some suggestions are below)

Personal Errands: Automobile tabs renewal, Deliver care packages, Drop off/pick up dry cleaning, Film development, Floral delivery, Meal delivery, Miscellaneous requests, Pick up and deliver packages, Pick up and return DVDs or videos, pick up prescriptions, pick up tickets and Post office runs.

Personal Shopping:
Bookstore, Department stores, Discount stores, Drug stores, Exchanges and returns, Gift shopping, Gift wrapping, Grocery shopping, Holiday and special occasions, Library, Office supply store, Party supply store and Pet supply store.