Critter Care Gift Boutique

We now have fun, personalized mats and clay pots available
Personalized Mats for you pet's water and food bowls - you can choose the colors.
The mat size varies, but is approximately 18x13. They come in black, and possibly other colors if requested. The paint can be a variety of colors.
(some examples are shown)
All mats cost $25 + tx.
Personalized Clay Pots (images at bottom of page) to use for treats, flowers, towels, etc...
Cost is $25-50 per pot depending on size.

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Doggie Bone mat - with your dog's name on the bone. You can choose any one of the 4 colored borders for your personalized mat.
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Kitty Fish mat - with your cat's name on the body of the fish. Colors are as shown, unless requested otherwise.
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Hungry Kitty mat - can be personalized with pets name just under the face if requested.
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Hungry Doggie mat - can be personalized with pets name just under the face if requested.
There is a delivery/mailing charge of $5, unless delivered on a scheduled visit. Pictures shown are demonstrations only, you will get a fresh new mat with whatever design you choose.

The mat is washable but is not heat resistant and may not be put in the dryer. You may iron them, but only the mat, not on the paint. The paint used is permanent acrylic fabric paint. If paint is ingested, it may be harmful to your pet. The mats may not be best for pets that enjoy eating things, other than their own toys!

Please let us know if you have any questions!!
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Personalized Pots - can be personalized as requested. Prices vary from $25-50 by size.